Live Performance

Michael Ohlinger

Michael has over 20 years of performing experience in a wide variety of musical settings. If you need someone to sight-read  sheet music, or just come up with a simple musical drum part that grooves, Michael is the performer for you.

He is always punctual and professional, with all of his parts prepared,  instruments set up and ready for down-beat.  Whatever the genre, he has you covered! Rock, jazz, classical, pop, fusion, progressive, Indian, African, Brazilian, Tibetan, dance,  electronic, orchestral, contemporary, free, improvised, soundscape,  Persian, hip-hop, reggae,  R&B, gospel, country, marching, and soul are just a few of the musical setting Michael is proficient and comfortable performing in.

He is prepared to perform on drum set, mallet percussion, and a extremely wide variety of other percussion instruments from around the world.